Reference Used During the Alzheimer's Unit / Activity Director's Course

Session 1

Look At Me Video

Go4Life Free Resources 

Talking Book application: 

The Thin Edge of Dignity - One Man’s Assisted Living Story

Session 2

Difference between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dementia Poem - I May Be Forgetful 

A day in the Life of People with Alzheimer's 

The Gift Wrap and the Jewel  

Session 3

Illinois Regulations for Nursing Homes (includes Special Care Unit Regulations)

Illinois Regulations for Assisted Living

Illinois Regulations for Sheltered Care 

Illinois Regulations for Supportive Living 

Federal OBRA Regulations

Session 4

CMS VIVE video on Interviewing and the completion of Section F of the MDS 3.0

Session 5

Personalized Bingo Cards

Time Slips

Talking Book Applications 

Session 6

Simple Truths of Service

The Dash by Linda Ellis 

Internet Resources to Enhance Programming


Sing-A-Long Sites:

Mitch Miller sing-a-longs:

Musical enjoyment:  Musical compositions from professional and student musicians and singers 

Variety of Puzzles:

Sudoku Puzzles:





Word searches:

Variety of different interactive puzzles:

Quote puzzles:

Jigsaw Puzzles:

Crossword Games:

Relaxation videos:


    Printable Bingo cards:

    Bingo Caller:

Reminiscence Activities:

Old time commercials:

TV shows:


World’s Fair Chicago

History of Chicago / Tour of the City:

Bing for videos and pictures for most topics

For other videos on history and other things: