Staff Retention Best Practice Sharing 

 How do you keep your valued employees? In order to do this properly, you need to first know what your turnover is before diving into this issue – otherwise you will never know if what you are doing is really working. To calculate turnover, take the number of employees who no longer work in your community for a given period (monthly, yearly, etc.) and divide this by the total number of employees who have worked in your Community for that same time period. When calculating the number of people who no longer work in your community, include those who left both voluntarily and involuntarily

Staff Retention Best practice Sharing

  • Create a CNA Mentor program for training new staff and to support these individuals as they grow in their jobs.
  • Start a 10-year group with employees who have been employed for over 10 years. This group become your advisory committee for employee retention because they have stayed!
  • Place name of birthplace on your name tags – helps to connect people
  • Send cards to staff’s homes so their families can see how much you care
  • Tell interviewee that we are hiring for long term; can they commit to that?
  • Assist with college reimbursement/tuition reimbursement to promote growth
  • Let people self-schedule so they are in control of their professional and personal lives. This also helps with those that are going to school so that they can feel supported as their class times change each semester.
  • Create a Retention Specialist who helps in developing and sustaining a core of caring, committed staff and who act as a retention advocate for your staff.
  • Make getting to work easier – assist with creating car pools, PACE bus for care pooling, take part in your town’s/city’s public transportation program for business discounts, give gift cards for Uber/Lyft, public transportation, local cab companies, etc.
  • Child care – start on onsite or establish a relationship with one near your Community. Then have your Activity Department continue the relationship by having the children visit frequently for shared special events.
  • Create a Wellness Coach who focuses on the staff’s overall well-being – assist with monitoring chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, bring in weight loss experts/support groups, teach classes on healthy eating/cooking, offer psychology services with no questions asked to help with personal lives, use the therapy gym after hours or develop relationship with local health club
  • Bring in Financial Advisors to help the employees set financial goals for them selves
  • Bulk buy items that your staff need and that the elders need, such as diapers and adult protection
  • Seek out discounts for your employees to local points of interest, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.
  • Offer classes on site to help your staff grow personally. Anything from how to fix minor plumbing issues to book clubs to Leadership courses.
  • Gather together all the benefits that your Community offers and write this up in brochure so that your staff become more aware of all the things that are avaible to them because they are a valued member of your Community!