Steps for Recruitment and Retention

for Aging and Disability Resource Network

1.  Know your turnover data

               Number of employees at the beginning of the month divided by the number of employees who left 

2.  Know the cost of your turnover

               Website to assist: 

3.  Survey your employees and ask them what they want

               Create tool or bring employees together for discussions on what they need and want to do a better job for their clients. 

               Allow them to problem solve what the solution will look like 

4.  Look at how you advertise the job

               Compare your ads to others and evaluate for how you can improve to highlight talents you are looking for

5.  How do you recruit for the job?

               Use social media

               Invite people to apply

               Use current employees to recruit. Offer employees incentives to assist with recruiting

6.  What does your application look like?

               Does the application help you to hire the best people?

               Does it provide you with the necessary information to make good choices?

7.  What does your interview process look like? Who interviews

               Create an elder panel to interview

               Have peers’ interview

               Involved Executive Director to help convey importance of the job

8.  Evaluate what your training/onboarding program looks like

               How long does it take to hire?

               What does the first day, week, month look like for the new hire?

               How do people get trained? Who trains? Have people been trained to train? 

9.  Have you conducted an organizational assessment?

               Use provided resource to assess how you are doing with employee centered elements of your organization

10. What training opportunities are provided for your employees?

               Are you assisting with ensuring that people get their required CEUs?

               Do you bring people in to do focused trainings so employees feel supported? 

11. Can you customize jobs based upon people’s talents?

               Re-evaluate current job descriptions to see if you can allow for more focused talent use of employees

12. Evaluate what services are available in the community at large and if you can tap into any of these for your employees.

               Evaluate what your partners in the community offer and seek out opportunities to enhance your employee’s quality to their   


          Seek out special offers at local restaurants, health clubs, child care agencies, movie theaters, museums, etc.

13. Create employee benefit listings that include all benefits of working for your organization.